This isn’t about us,
It’s about ALL of us.

Since our inception in 1944, our culture has been based on community. We are enriched, inspired and enlivened by the relationships we have with the communities we serve.

Today, we have a new way to serve the people
we care for and about: The Victory Fund

The Victory Fund, located in Duluth, Minnesota, was established in 2012 to help communities in northeastern Minnesota identify, address and resolve chronic health issues. The foundation is a new chapter in the legacy of the Community Health Center, the first member-owned health cooperative in Minnesota, which was formed in Two Harbors in the 1940s.

Starting in 2016, The Victory Fund will continue to find solutions to chronic issues, but will now focus on alcohol and drug addictions—supporting recovery programs that increase the success of treatment. We will also support initiatives that aid Duluth in becoming a dementia-friendly community.